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How mush cashback can I earn ?

Many active traders earn thousands of dollars in Forex rebates each month, but the amount you earn will vary depending upon the size of your trades and how often you trade. To quickly estimate your total cashback you can use our cash back estimator.

Do I earn Forex rebates on losing trades ?

Yes. You will earn forex rebates on each trade ( winning or losing trades !).

Do my spreads increase if I open a Forex broker account through you ?

No ! Your spreads will be EXACTLY the same as those offered on the broker's website, and will be the same as those you would pay if you had opened the account on the broker's website. The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive cash back !

Can I earn rebates if I already have an account with FxPro ?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

Does it cost anything to open a Forex broker account ?

No, although you will need to fund your account before you trade. Otherwise, our service is totally free.

What payment methods do you offer ?

We currently offer the following payment methods: 

Paypal - US $10 minimum

Neteller - US $10 minimum

Please note that we do not charge fees for making payments to you, although fees may still be charged to you directly by the payment processor.

When do my Forex rebates/cashback show in my account panel ?

The information may not appear until a few days after month-end. After logging in, you can view your current balance inside the 'My Account' page.

Can you deposit my Forex rebates directly into my trading account ?

We don't have any access to your trading account whatsoever, so the answer is no. We will send you your money by Paypal or Neteller.

What do I do if I disagree with the amount of Forex rebates that I received ?

If you feel that there is any mistake, we will always be happy to investigate further. Simply contact us with a copy of your account statement (as it comes from the broker) with a request to have the matter reviewed.





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Forex trading carries a high level of risk and losses may occur. Please read our Risk Disclosure.